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Welcome to oni-X
welcome to oni-X the site where we sell cds (by the way this is not profeinal cds thease are new bands)for are bands but i have to say that we well probley not have cds up for another month or two so stay toned but i this that its posible to get them in even before that so just please stay with us untill it comes in thank you

Site Updates!!!!!!
all put site updates on here when they come up ^^

All right the name for the bands cd is vanishing kei=cyber punk city

the seconed band oni-X the um more heavyer one`s first cd is called= -X-
i just had to put it here when i found it

if you got any things to ask heres my email

im so sorry but you have to wait for the cds sorry

this is not us
this is hide with spread beaver...why we have them you ask becuase there cool....
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